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Jordan & Brian

Pontoon is Adding to the Brew Crew; All Aboard!!!

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Here at Pontoon Brewing, we like to share our passion for beer with fun loving and class act folks. We are very excited to announce two new members to the Pontoon Brew Crew. They not only have extensive knowledge of beers but they also have gone through rigorous training with the long lost art of chainsaw juggling. If you see them around town advocating the Pontoon lifestyle make sure to chat them up about our new brews. As the newest additions to the Pontoon Brew Crew Jordan and Brian will be responsible for lashing more watering holes to the ever growing armada of locations serving up Pontoon greatness.
Jordan aka “Captain Nessy”


Jordan is a young and enthusiastic beer connoisseur who most recently spent her days teaching thirsty beer patrons about new craft beer flavors and styles at one of Atlanta’s prominent growler shops. Jordan will be a brand ambassador for Pontoon and will be visiting the very best of Atlanta’s restaurants, pubs, bars and package stores to spread the word of the Pontoon lifestyle as well as provide our fans with background about Pontoon beers and future styles. Interesting factoid: Jordan also loves cooking and she once cooked her way through an Italian cookbook.

Brian aka “The Flotilla Admiral”

Brian Flotilla Admiral

Brian is an avid beer drinker, spending many a sunny afternoon imbibing on the delectable beverage while perfecting his cornhole game. Beyond just drinking beer, he is a humble grillmaster who recently brought Bobby Flay to tears after beating him in a cooking competition by grilling awesomeness to perfection while maintaining a firm grip on a cold one the entire time. His beer convictions run so deep, he even convinced his wife to get married at a local ATL brewery. He loves a good imperial stout but has an appreciation for all beer styles all over the world. Interesting factoid: Brian has been to Africa several times visiting countries such as Kenya, Madagascar, and Tanzania, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro while he was there.
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