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Our Beers

Pontoon currently has four styles in production, distributed through our friends at Georgia Crown. Get ready folks, ’cause here’s what’s on tap:

Southern Skipper White IPA

ABV 6.0% and IBU 55

We know how you like em’…  Bold and smooth. Complex yet grounded. Bitter with a touch of sweet. This White IPA is our flagship brew, perfectly balanced for the Pontoon Lifestyle. American Wheat compliments a boatload of Centennial hops to bring out an aromatic, crisp, and radically flavorful beer that will aid in all your Southern Skipper activities, whatever they may be. Shades On, Bottoms Up!

No Pants Pilsner

ABV 5.5% and IBU 30

Pants are undeniably a constraining piece of material that sings songs of boredom and monotony. Why do we wear ’em? Who knows. But we do know that our No Pants Pilsner is an unconstrained and unique brew that blends old school Gold Rush Common-Style brewing with traditional Saaz hops and Pilsen malt from our European friends across the pond. What does that mean for you? Flavor, drinkability, and absolute awesomeness. Go ahead and pop off those pants and jump aboard your party platform.


Freedom Bird American Strong Ale

ABV 7.5% and IBU 105

Freedom Bird American Strong Ale exemplifies what it means to be an American: strong, independent and unapologetically patriotic. The bold cocoa, smoky and grassy flavors of the beer make for a marriage of sweetness balanced with a touch of Chinook hops. Freedom Bird is named after the mighty Chinook helicopter, used by the American armed forces to assist them in being the best of the best, day after day. You want an American beer? Scream “Freedom Bird!” and follow that up with a rendition of “America the Beautiful.” Why? If you have to ask, you don’t deserve one. Prepare for this beer like you’d prepare for good ol’ American domination, with the stars and stripes and all-around awesomeness.


Cinnamon Spiced Porter

ABV 5.8% and IBU 30

This Pontoon Porter is a traditional English style Porter with a touch of Cinnamon for a spicy holiday aroma. A combination of marris otter malt, munich malt and chocolate malt, comes a rich and inviting chocolate appearance with a light bodied mouth feel. The head provides an airy caramel cap that boasts the full cinnamon aroma. We use treated water to create the flavor similar to an English style Porter that finishes dry. The smooth cocoa flavor is only enriched with a mild cinnamon flavor. Best when served at 40-42 degrees to enhance the chocolate and smoky notes. This is limited release seasonal so be sure to watch our social media page to see when it is in stock!

We are always working to get new, exciting recipes to you all be on the look out for additional styles!