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Freedom Bird American Strong Ale: The Beer America Wants, the Beer America Deserves

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Have you ever wondered what beer the late great George Washington drank the night before crossing the Delaware, the beer that our Founding Fathers cheers’ed to after signing the Declaration of Independence or the beer that John Wayne drank every Fourth of July? Don’t know? Neither do we, BUT we’ve got something close: our Freedom Bird American Strong Ale. We are going to be limited releasing Freedom Bird this week to select Atlanta watering holes including Family Dog, Cypress Street Pint and Plate, Three Dollar Cafe and Rosati’s, and more to come┬áso pay attention to our social media pages for location announcements (facebook, twitter, instagram).

Freedom Bird American Strong Ale – ABV 7.5%; 105 IBUs:
Freedom Bird American Strong Ale exemplifies what it means to be an American: strong, independent and unapologetically patriotic. The bold cocoa, smoky and grassy flavors of the beer make for a marriage of sweetness balanced with a touch of Chinook hops. Freedom Bird is named after the mighty Chinook helicopter, used by the American armed forces to assist them in being the best of the best, day after day. You want an American beer? Scream “Freedom Bird!” and follow that up with a rendition of “America the Beautiful.” Why? If you have to ask, you don’t deserve one. Prepare for this beer like you’d prepare for good ol’ American domination, with the stars and stripes and all-around awesomeness.

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